Become Average Enjoyer of HotTelecom VoIP


Become Average Enjoyer of HotTelecom VoIP

Më: 21 tetor 2021 Në ora: 16:40

HotTelecom is a service offering a wide range of Internet telephony services. The list of provided functions includes the selection and purchase of virtual numbers for IP telephony, SMS numbers, or a one-time number for registration on social media. Its services are often used by small or medium-sized businesses and private clients because of the opportunity to use high-quality and cost-effective communication.

What Is the Basic HotTelecom IP Telephony Service?

IP telephony is a voice communication technology that uses the Internet and digital data rather than the traditional telephone network and an analog format to transfer information. The call is sent as packets over a local area network (LAN) or the Internet, avoiding long-distance calls over a standard telephone line. Due to this, an increase in speed, quality of signal transmission, as well as savings in maintenance and equipment are achieved.

Why is it worth considering IP telephony?

Today, Internet resources and social media represent a powerful platform for doing business and disseminating trade information. Therefore, it is not surprising that an overwhelming number of entrepreneurs are trying to establish a type of communication with the help of which, it is possible to conduct international and long-distance telephone conversations via the Internet. Cloud telephony provides a significant increase in benefits compared to analog communication due to its speed and the ability not to have a specific link to the location or address of the company. To do this, HotTelecom provides its users with virtual numbers for registration in many of today's popular public networks.

The main advantages of VoIP numbers

Easy installation and maintenance.

A wide range of number types (toll-free (800) numbers, SMS numbers, or a one-time number for registration on social media).

No need to install additional SIM cards. The purchase of virtual numbers is unlimited.

A high degree of security of transmitted data.

Maintaining high-quality communication regardless of how far the signal is transmitted.

Affordable prices and tariffs as well as over a dozen payment methods.

Fast connection of numbers (up to 24 hours) as well as assistance from HotTelecom specialists in starting and debugging the IP system.

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