Pin-Up mirror of a bookmaker


Pin-Up mirror of a bookmaker

Më: 20 maj 2022 Në ora: 08:24

Pin-Up haqida Bookmaker has several sites to use. The main site is located at and the URL attachments are constantly changing. Additional bookmaker sites are called mirrors because they duplicate the entire site. Pin-Up mirrors allow players to use bookmaker services even when the company's main website is down.

How do I find a working Pin-Up mirror?

The most accurate and safest way to find working Pin-Up mirrors is to use official sources. Links found on third-party sites can be dangerous and lead to phishing scams.

Bookmaker-approved ways to get information about existing windows:

Bookmaker's accounts in Telegram messenger. In the channel and chat you can learn not only about the working windows, but also about company news, promotions, bonuses.

Online chat with technical support on any of the sites owned by the bookmaker.

Contact the call center at 0800509777.

How to bypass the mirrorless block?

Pin-Up customers can use VPN services to bypass blocking. These are special programs that hide the user's real IP address, giving him access to blocked resources.

VPN services are paid and free. The most popular free services are Hola and ZenMate.
They take the form of browser extensions. To install them, you need to open the extension store in the browser and find the desired service through the search bar.

You can enable / disable VPN extensions at will.
If Hola and ZenMate require installation, the blocked URL visit service is already installed in Opera VPN. The browser can be downloaded from the official site, it is completely free.

VPN applications are also available for mobile devices. They can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play stores. In addition, players can download a special Pin-Up app for their smartphones and tablets. It is protected from blockages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a main site and a Pin-Up mirror?
The only difference is in the URL, everything else is the same. The Pin-Up Mirror offers a completely similar line, allowing the bookmaker to use a gaming account.

Is it safe to use a mirror?
If the link to the mirror is from official sources, then such a site is completely safe. It has all the necessary data protection mechanisms, such as the main site of the bookmaker.

Why doesn't this bookmaker's website work in Uzbekistan?
The main reason for this is that access to the site has been blocked by internet providers by a government decision. This may be due to the fact that the Pin-Up bookmaker does not have a national license. Other reasons for not being able to access the site could be server maintenance, hacker attacks, and more.

How do you tell the difference between a safe mirror and a mirror?
The best way is not to use links from questionable sources.

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