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Teknologji review. How to make money on the news?

Më: 25 maj 2022 Në ora: 20:35
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How to make money on the news?

To be successful in trading, a person must make various strategies and forecasts of how the market will develop. The review says that most traders make trades based on the news. It allows you to assess the state of the market quickly and understand what events will take place shortly.

What is news trading?

News trading is a type of trading where a person makes decisions based on the news agenda. There is a misconception that all events affect the state of the market, but this is not so. It is necessary to distinguish important news from less important ones and analyze them correctly.

Today there are 2 types of news:



Template news has a clear format, and the time of its publication is known in advance. Such information includes data on macroeconomic indicators:



the rate of the Central Bank,

messages about changes in the rating of countries and companies,

financial statements of companies and so on.

The choice of the most critical indicators depends on what asset you use for trading. In addition, it is necessary to consider the performance of the most powerful economies in the world - the US and China, as well as the EU as a whole.

Non-standard news are unexpected messages; they do not have a clear format and can come out at any time:

news about some incidents,

introduction of duties,



statements of authoritative people,

statements from companies or government agencies.

If template news can influence fundamental events, non-standard information can affect short-term jumps in cryptocurrency markets, the value of company shares, and even country bonds.

Where and how to track the news?

To effectively make money on the news, you need to invest time and effort. The most straightforward and most understandable way is to use robots that can open and close positions in a fraction of a second according to predetermined scenarios.

To learn how to make money on the news, you need to:

own unique program;

quick access to the exchange server;

up-to-date news from primary sources: news agencies - Bloomberg, Reuters, Interfax, social networks - Twitter, Telegram, and others.

The most thoughtful news channel for traders is Bloomberg. Upcoming events are ranked by importance from 1 to 3, where 3 is the most important.

The review shows that individual traders can benefit the most from non-standard news, but only long-term and serious ones. Such information can be conditionally divided into several groups:

natural disasters;

man-made disasters;

actions of government agencies;

statements by influential people or company representatives.

If the significance of natural disasters is clear to everyone, the statements of influential people are treated differently and often underestimated. So, for example, in October 2021, Elon Musk was able to collapse the Shiba Inu (SHIB) rate with one post on Twitter, saying that he did not invest money in it. Then the currency's value fell by as much as 30% because traders began to sell it en masse. And there are hundreds of such examples.

As for template news, many even experienced traders have not yet learned how to analyze it correctly. Thus, a slight decrease in US unemployment is expected to affect the dollar's value. Still, when the president announces new sanctions or an oil embargo against Russia, we can be sure that economic indicators will get worse. It is crucial to analyze all the news at once, find how they compensate each other, and only make decisions.

Information robots help to collect data much faster. So, you can give it the name of the asset you are interested in, and it will search the entire internet for news about this product. If you did it yourself, the likelihood of success would be much lower.

Rules for trading on the news

Review about offers a few basic rules for news trading:

Trust only trusted sources. Sometimes a scam is deliberately thrown into the network with false information to destabilize the market's state. You must learn to identify this and not consider it in your forecasts.

Analyze the market, make a forecast, and open a position. Learn to buy and sell assets on time.

Determine what kind of market movement you expect, and place an order to close the position.

Consider risks.

Many traders refuse to consider potential loss. Even if, at first glance, the statistics on says that the asset you have chosen is risk free, there is always the possibility that something will not go according to plan, and you need to be prepared for this.

It should be understood that only an extremely experienced trader who clearly understands what events lead to what consequences can successfully trade on the news. Of course, there are pretty obvious things, such as with Shiba Inu (SHIB). Still, in most cases, it is necessary to additionally read various analytical information on a particular asset and the state of the market as a whole.

What opportunities does have for news trading?

News strongly influences the creation of a strategy and one's forecast. Almost every exchange platform can perform trades based on news. provides a great chart that is updated every minute, where you can immediately monitor the state of the market and make lightning-fast decisions, especially in the case of gaps.

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